Vereinigung von Fachleuten des Gewerblichen Rechtsschutzes
Association of Intellectual Property Experts
Association des Experts en Propriété Industrielle

Service specifications

VPP is a voluntary association of people whose work involves the protection of industrial and intellectual property.

It is committed to carrying out the following tasks:

(a) representing the professional interests of its members, particularly with regard to the advisory and representational powers of members under permanent employment contracts in industry

(b) providing professional and technical support to its members,

(c) nurturing personal relationships between members,

(d) providing initial and further specialist training for those involved in the protection of industrial and intellectual property, including their specialist staff,

(e) maintaining contacts with institutions, particularly with authorities, courts, corporations, associations and societies having the same or similar remits at a national or international level,

(f) supporting legislative bodies and institutions in all matters associated with the protection of industrial and intellectual property, particularly in relation to legislation covering professional law and codes of professional conduct.

No purchasing or other profit-making, political or ideological objectives of any kind are pursued.

VPP is divided geographically into 10 Regional Groups.

The annual membership fee is EUR 60.

VPP regularly offers the following services in line with the missions set out in its statutes:

  • Conferences with national and international expert as speakers: Twice a year;
  • Newsletters containing important information on the protection of intellectal property: Four times a year;
  • Special initial and further training seminars;
  • Preparation courses for those taking German patent attorney exams;
  • Regional Group events.